Fundamentals of Electric Paint Sprayers Booth Lighting – Choose the Right Lighting

The most typical type of lighting used in paint spray booths are panel installed fluorescent lighting components. The fixtures are in fact installed and also recessed in the cubicle panels. Commonly used components of this kind used in paint spray cubicles are 4 lamps, 4-foot components with 32, 40, or 60-watt HO lights, with 40-watt lamps being the most commonly made use of. In components with an inside access, an interlock button is provided and also is to be wired in such a way as to disable paint spray tools when the within accessibility panel is opened. This makes it possible for the fixture to be placed in spray cubicle panels without the formerly needed second lens.

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Harmful rated fixtures must, by code, be used in locations that extend from the edges of any type of opening of the cubicle according to the following:

  • If the exhaust air flow system is interlaced with the spray application equipment, then the Division 2 location will extend 5 feet horizontally and 3 feet up and down from the open face or open front of the cubicle.
  • If the exhaust air flow system is not interlocked with the spray application tools, then the Division 2 area shall expand 10 feet horizontally and also 3 feet up and down from the open face or open front of the cubicle. The term interlocked means that the spray application tools cannot be run unless the exhaust ventilation system is operating and functioning properly and also spray application is instantly stopped if the exhaust air flow system fails.

If fluorescent light fixtures are in fact mounted inside a paint spray booth and also are not recessed panel mounted, after that Class I, Division 1 surge evidence components need to be used. These components are typically available with 2, 3, or 4 lamps in 2 foot or 4 foot size fixtures. A Class I, Division 1 location is specified as where unsafe atmosphere might be present during typical procedures. Electric Paint Sprayers – Paint Your Home the Easy Way, It may exist continually, intermittently, regularly, or throughout typical repair service or upkeep operations, or those areas where a break down in processing equipment releases dangerous vapors with the simultaneous failure of electric devices. When in fact selecting lighting fixtures for a paint spray booth, it is essential to think about what you intend to achieve and to get an even distribution of lighting in the booth. There are several factors that could affect illumination levels in a spray cubicle application.