Cooler Solutions when CPU gets high temperature

The very nature of nuclear plants using its radioactivity threat to the populace makes it desirable to put several together in a little zone to restrict exposure of the population to radiation. This concentration of power resources in a small area, however, means that a significant part of a countries power production capacity is vulnerable to one event that may cripple the operational capacity of that nation. They have minimum coal or petroleum reserves, and would prefer not to import fossil fuels for anything aside from auto and truck usage to restrict foreign exchange deficit and dependence on overseas resources. Additionally, the carbon dioxide which results in fossil fuel usage is considered by many to induce climate warming with a consequent decrease in glaciers and ice caps, a rise in sea level, and a change in desert zones toward the sticks together with a consequent loss of agricultural land, therefore its desirable to remove its use.

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 Power coolers in these countries have problems. How does such a country provide for its energy requirements, and still preserve a margin of security for its inhabitants against radioactivity and plentiful enough to pay the countries base load demands in the long term. Energy production resources capable of being dispersed so the countries power production capacity is invulnerable to one crippling event. Free of carbon dioxide generation and other pollutants. Cost competitive with existing resources, therefore it can begin replacing the present energy sources now and become a significant energy supplier for this country as more new pc fans resources are assembled. Use the present energy distribution systems today. Able eventually to create fuels that can replace fossil fuels for mobile power plants autos, aircraft, etc. Fission reactors of a different layout. Land based wind turbines. Shore based wave generators.

 Land solar generators. Fuels to substitute fossil fuels like petroleum and alcohol waste algae, kelp and wood. Land based wells that were profound. Ocean based wave generators, wind turbines and solar cells. Nuclear fission reactors are currently being used for base load Factor ~0.98. Note that Load Factor is the percent of time a source may be used to offer energy and can operate at ~0.08KWH or longer. There is enough fuel without using breeder reactors to survive. There is a breeder reactor one that generates more fuel than it uses. There is fission fuel for several thousand years if we utilize breeders. Safety is the big issue. The component in the water reactors currently being used in Japan and elsewhere is that the pump.