Boost Your Marketing ROI – Measuring Goals

funnel x roiDefining goals on your Site is an important step to measuring the ability of your site to accomplish business objectives. Possibly the best way to assess the effectiveness of your aims is your conversion rate. The conversion rate is the whole number of desired outcomes divided by the amount of efforts to reach that result. The result is a percent which will indicate what percentage of website visitors successfully achieved your objective. If you are confused with the mathematics, do not worry your web analytics software will run the calculation for you.

Using standard web Analytics applications, such as Google Analytics, you can set up and monitor a range of goals which are important to your organization. A target can be any measurable occasion like a completed checkout on an ecommerce website, a thriving subscription to your newsletter, a download of a PDF whitepaper, or a request to find out more from a Contact Us form. So as to track the Conversion rate for a variety of goals on your website you will need to ensure there is a success page that is served to the user when the target scenario is complete. This page cannot be accessible by any other way, or your numbers will be wrong. All visits to the success page will signify a successful conversion from the analytics funnel x roi invite. If there is more than 1 step in the process to reach a target, you can set up a funnel to monitor these measures. For example an ecommerce site will probably require the user add a product into the cart, push the checkout button, fill in their own charging mailing info, then buy the product. You can measure how many people move from one step to another in the process thereby learning where visitors are leaving and where you are losing potential business.

Your web analytics Software can also be able to tie a monetary value to each goal that is completed. As an example, if the average purchase value of a finished shopping cart is 50, you can tell your applications that each objective is worth 50. Since your analytics software understands the origin of your site traffic, now you can gauge the ROI of your online marketing activities. Every goal conversion that is credited to an email message, paid search advertising, or banner advertisements is currently measured and tracked for its worth. Armed with all this Information now you can set out to tweak your marketing tactics to boost your ROI. You can also begin making changes to your site to optimize target processes and improve your conversion rates.